Manoj Anil Ghawate

It was fabulous and value adding experience. I learned so many new things and more specifically of R & D department. Adding to this I got idea how the each department in company is interlinked with other.

Pronita Rajemahadik

My experience with SEMS Foundation has been extremely enriching. SEMS’s open environment offers numerous learning opportunities. An approachable management, dynamic work environment and versatile colleagues make Smile a great place to work. Apart from that, it is strongly involved in employee engagement, reward & recognition, which motivate people in this organization. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Smile Foundation and I am sure the organization will grow further and achieve greater heights.

Sandeep Vitthal Kolhal

It's really pleasant working here, I got a new platform to learn new things which is definitely going to help me in my future jobs.

Pranjal Anantrao Sarode

It was really great experience, we all have chance to explore and learn more new technologies in graphic design. This will really help me in my future career growth.I met with different people who are always inspired me to do my work with all passion. Also many personal skills like leadership, teamwork, presentation skill are improved. I will always looking forward to working with you.

Shalni Kumari

My journey with sems is full of learning and developing my self into a good team player . talking in brief my journey has 3 step ladder on which I step one by one and became the best out of me , and this journey become this smooth with kind support of my mentors sakhsi mam,Atul sir and neeti mam . Three steps ladder are :- 1) thinking with other perspective 2) following healthy deadline 3)grow with my own particular interest while working on different topics. Different groups on which sems work is quite interesting and way to help society in gentel manner. I was being assigned to work with Digi SAKHSAM group, which is kind of helping youth in their carrier by making them aware about the new technology trends in market. If I summarize the journey it was a healthy and progressive journey for me.

Gopal Mohan Kanade

It was excellent opportunity to learn new things in content writing, social media marketing and ad manager in various handle. I would like to thank SEMS for giving me an opportunity to explore my knowledge and experience about social media marketing.


It was a great and wonderful and learning experience as a intern in SEMS Group, I have learn new skills and knowledge strategies as social media marketer which will be helpful in future thank you SEMS to giving me this opportunity

Akshay Rajendra Pagar

My experience regarding working with you guys was amazing. I didn't feel that I am working with you its just like you are the mentors and I am studying something from you. In these two months, I learned not only just marketing but also many more skills related to digital marking, How to use Canva effectively, Teamwork any many more things. Thanks for this wonderful experience.

Akshay Bodade

it was a very good experience and i am very grateful for it. With responsibility comes learning is one thing that is practised at SEMS that, by me, is quite special. Responsibilities that you think are beyond your capability are delegated to you. The required handholding is done. And before you even realise, you have accomplished something you never thought you could do.

Rushikesh Krishnarao Deshmukh

It was very good experience thank you for the opportunity sems. I learnt, delivered my best, was appreciated and recognised, also pushed further to do better which I did. My journey at SEMS has been everything and more that I had expected. And I am very proud to be a SEMSian.

Rugwed Dnyandeo Fokmare

I was working with Sales and Marketing Team of SEMS Group. We were working under Atul sir and Niti Ma'am. It was very exciting and exploring experience for us. Initially I got the task to promote various Webinar that were been arrange by the SEMS group during this time. I promoted these webinar through Social Media, Tele-calling and other possible means. Later on we got the task to manage two Social Media pages of the clients. It was also a very interesting job. During this time I have learned many things about Sales, Social Media Marketing and so on. Overall It was very good and valuable experience for me to work under you.

Omkar Hindurao Mane

It was a great experience to work with SEMS, I get to learn the new aspects of canvas app which i used for poster making and video editing. And also had experience in marketing and sales department. Great interaction with customers and mutual understanding. A lot of thanks to the Anil sir and Sakshi ma'am for guiding me throughout the internship.

Chetan Chandrakant Sandanshiv

Over the course of the marketing internship. I made many posters and videos and learn a lot of things like work in team, social media algorithm and many more

Keny Keswani

It was a great experience overall, I got to learn many new things which would help me working with other's, The way SEMS Supported during each task was just great, Thank you for all the Opportunities!

Subhash Govindarajan Konar

It was an amazing journey in a new field for me and i got to learn alot of things from our senior mentors. The staff was very friendly and helpful and we enjoyed our two months without any problems.

Sameerkhan Munirkhan Pathan

My experience with SEMS has been extremely enriching. An approachable management, dynamic work environment and versatile colleagues make SEMS a great place to work. Apart from that, it is strongly involved in employee engagement, reward & recognition, which motivate people in this organization. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with SEMS and I am sure the organization will grow further and achieve greater heights

Abhishek Kumar Saxena

Hello to all members of SEMS Group. I am Abhishek Kumar Saxena. I would like to thank you for giving me a wonderful opportunity to be your Social Media Marketing Intern. Before starting my internship, I had no experience with social media marketing. But now I can confidently say I wouldn’t have grown and learned as much as I have these past 2 months without your constant guidance, detailed feedback, and unwavering support. I’m so grateful for the experience and exposure you gave me, and especially I enjoyed handling your Facebook and Twitter handles. During these two months, I made a lot of posters and videos for various important days and events such as Doctor's day, yoga day, etc. Also, I have attended various webinars like basics of canva, changes in labor market post-COVID 19, Adobe premiere pro, etc. That's how I learned new skills. Also, I came to know about various marketing strategies and tactics. I’d love to stay in touch with your organization. And if there are any  openings in your department down the road, I hope you’ll let me know so I can apply. Thanks again for this incredible internship, and I wish you and the team all the best.

Disha Ashok Patil

A very exciting journey which gave me confidence and an opportunity to learn new things which will help me boost my career opportunities.  I thank all my Team members for making this journey memorable. I learnt to showcase my talent in challenging atmosphere. I would like to express my sincere gratitude towards my mentors Atul sir, Sakshi mam and Niti mam for constant guidance and support.

kunjapriya Vijay Rathod

The overall experience of working in SEMS Group it was awesome. The organization, management is not too complex but yes it is too great. The culture is great mind, the company atmosphere is friendly. So during the period of my internship I am not go through any kind of hesitation or a fearless. I can learn here many more things, not only about technical knowledge but also we get know about how company works under various condition & situation.  For me, it’s so hard to leave this wonder place. The working culture of SEMS Group is really motivates me to do, to learn something new always. Everybody is such a friendly cheerful companion here that work stress is never comes in a way.  In this company mostly I like is that, there is no any kind of partiality is happen. For each one there is equalism. 

Nachiket Purushottam Shende

It was really a great experience for working with your organization. I was more exposed to self learning capabilities and your support boosted my enthusiasm. I thank you for giving me an opportunity to work as an intern in your organization.

Pranali Sunil Gaikwad

My internship experience was amazing. I learnt a lot and contributed to the best of my capabilities. Hope to work with Sems again.

Priyansh Srivastava

I thoroughly enjoyed my internship this summer and now have very valuable experience. I know this will help when looking for jobs and needing references. We all know that practical experience is the best, and internships give students that hands-on experience they need. I feel that quality internships are essential to develop key skills that you can not get in a classroom. Skills such as multitasking, communicating, learning to deal with diversity, and dealing with deadlines are different when you are working for someone else, not yourself like you do in college.Thank you so much for this exploring and great opportunity.

Gaurav Chahal

The work experience was really good. It helped to learn new things regarding the digital marketing. It helped us to gain hands on experience on how digital marketing is done. The Sems Group team was also very helpful and co-operative .

Gorkhnath Prakash Jadhav

As a working as a social media marketing intern I learn lost of things which were as follows: leadership skill ,Team sprit ,coordination and how can we use social media for attracting customers toward us with the help of social media marketing

Dipali Dilip Mirghe

I enjoyed working with you during my internship. It taught me a lot about how to handle a variety of situations and helping me to gain confidence thank you

Ashwini Chandrashekhar saner

Very wonderful work experience. These days we spend more time at work than we do at home. And we all look for a workplace that we could make our second home. A place that is friendly, encouraging, welcoming, appreciating, et al. Well I found my second home at SEMS.

Ankit Patil

It's awesome experience with sems group. Thank you for giving a opportunity. Great experience. Awesome experience with the sems group. Thanks for giving me a opportunity. Great experience. Working for the development of the less privileged has always been an important aspect of the way we function and work.

Bhagyashri Uttamrao Patil

It was a superb experience from doing work with you because before that I was very less interaction with social media but with these internship I learn a lot of things that surely used in my further journey thank you sir mam for guided me and give a proper direction and suggesting every time .I'm very grateful..and happy to work with you next time also.. thanks

Swamini Narendra Jadhav

It was very great experience. It help me to develop teamwork and presentation skills. Also learn data fetching and data analysis.

Pundalik Maroti Gaikwad

It was very nice experience here at Sems group as graphics designing intern i learned new things in this 2 months .Here mentors always helping me whenever i face difficulties and my group members also .thank you for giving me such a opportunity.


It was a really nice experience. I learn a lot of new things like how to make a posters regarding the given topics n all. So this internship give me the confidence about handling the social media handles.

Vinay Khandagale

I enjoyed every task that was alloted to me. I never felt pressured to do something & was appreciated for every small thing I did. I learnt nee tools & designing techniques which will definitely help me in the future. The experience of working with sems has been amazing!

Manaswi Parag Vichare

I had a wonderful time at Sems Group. It was my very first internship, I was very nervous but I had an amazing team and leaders who made me feel very welcoming. Due to this internship I learnt how to deal with deadlines, time management, and also how to work as a team. I'm really grateful and honoured to have completed my internship through Sems Group.

Aarti Subhash Gaikwad

Hi I am Aarti Gaikwad from Sanjivani College of Engineering Kopargaon. I have pursuing MBA in marketing specialization. I would be happy to say that I was able to learn a lots of new things in this company. I have gained a valuable insights into marketing & business development over those two months. because you gave me the opportunity to closely work in the business insights & made hands on how to deal with the social media marketing client. I want to thank you for Semswebs team were extremely welcoming & helpful offered me terrific career advice & guidance. This intership has definitely increased my interests in pursuing career in marketing. I would love to stay in touch & perhaps speak to you regarding step.  Thank you so much

Gayatri Satish Bhagwatkar

It was new and very good experience for me. I learn lot of many things in it which is very useful for my feature. Sems group work as a ream. So it was great experience for me.

Nikhil Dasharath Jadhav

It's really very joyful and informative, learnt soo many things from this workshop. Actually, I am from Mechanical engineering background that's why this digital marketing sector is very new for me. I had not did this type of job before this internship. Thank you so much for gives this opportunity to do something new in my career. Thank you

Yogesh Dattatray Kumare

very Nice Team, good Co-ordination ,Enjoyed very Much Thanks to Entire Team Sems webs well Planned Internship . Very much new things i have learned in these two months.

Kalpesh Rajesh Mali

It was an amazing experience with you. I learnt different skills & gain valuable experience and knowledge. I admire the goodwill and good name that SWF has earned for itself in the Development Sector in less than a decade’s time of its actual operations. This cannot be without an unpretentious Leader and his strong team. As for me, I continue to feel indebted.

Saurabh Shivkumar Sahu

I thoroughly enjoyed working with young and dynamic team members who strived hard to deliver a professional work with a focus on Organization’s working model, Social Venture Philanthropy (SVP), a model that encourages capacity building of all its stakeholders. With a thrust on expansion of Programs for the economically backward community, the Organization expanded its bandwidth and geographical outreach. 

Dhiraj Arun Borse

SEMS Foundation has been irrevocably a ‘learning’ platform for most of us and a spring board as well. I commend the Leader, once again, for the long rope and independence he provides to his team that has demonstrated commitment.

Harshal Mahavir Sathe

I thoroughly enjoyed my internship and now have very valuable experience under my belt. I know this will help when looking for jobs and needing references. I was dreading it in the beginning, but now I am so happy it was required.We all know that practical experience is the best, and internships give students that hands-on experience they need. I feel that quality internships are essential to develop key skills that you can't get in a classroom. Skills such as Creative thinking, communicating, learning to deal with diversity. Thank you so much for this wonderful experience.

Ashish Pramod Alekar

My experience working with SEMS Group is excellent. I enjoyed working in marketing department. The instructions given by SEMS management would definitely help in future.

Taha Mustafa Bohra

The thing I liked the most about working for SEMS was the flexibility the management offered to me in terms of participating in activities and projects of different deparments, and also the freedom they gave me to explore ideas of my own. I received support and encouragement from the management to implement a volunteer management system, which I thought would make the functioning of the organisation more efficient. I believe that SEMS is a great place to learn about the social sector and one has the flexibility to contribute a lot to the organisation provided they are motivated and willing.