Vision & Mission

SEMS has emerged from aspirations of enthusiastic researchers for open exchange of experiences and views in the field of engineering and management. Our Society believes that it is contributing continuously to bring forth one of the greatest international conferences of scientists, technical and management experts who are eager to share their knowledge towards the enhancements in these ever growing field.

SEMS Gives Ample Opportunities for Updating the Skill and Knowledge of Engineering and Management, Career Guidance, Project Information & Conferences, Seminars and Workshops for Resultant Benefits.

SEMS is a Network of Engineers, Managers, Researchers, Industrialists, Consultants and Public Bodies Who Share Interest in Contributing to The Society through the Academic Means of Education and Research.

SEMS Permits the Elected Leadership of the Association to Focus on Primary Issues and Policy Decisions.  It allows the Volunteer Members to concentrate their Energies and Efforts on Long-Term Goals, when freed from day-to-day Details.



SEMS aspires to be the leading Association of Management and Engineering professionals across the Globe.



SEMS envisions producing scientific and educational material and events, to help people share thinking and experiences via effective linkage between technical/managerial institutions, industry & society, to make the world a better place.



  • Ensuring the quality and status of research and scholarship in Education industry.
  • Encouraging, promoting and advancing interdisciplinary co-operation amongst managers, scientists, engineers and other Professionals for education upliftment.
  • To organize and conduct conferences, lectures, seminars, workshops, study tours and the like for the growth of teaching, research and practices of engineering and managerial sciences.
  • Facilitating the platform for exchange of information and ideas among the engineering, managerial and Applied Sciences Professionals freely.
  • Promoting the interactions/association between the engineering, managerial and Applied Sciences Professionals.
  • Promoting the interactions/association between the engineering, managerial and Applied Sciences Professionals by organizing conferences, lectures, seminars etc.  And Publishing useful literary works for the welfare and development of research.